3+3+1 Study Questions: What is the Gospel? – Mark 1:1-15

Study Questions for week of August 2 to August 7, 2011

Read and Re-read biblical text above as you answer the following questions.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to be with you as you and your family read and study God’s word.

For our final week in Learning Evangelism from Jesus these are our five study questions. I am sure you will spend the whole SS time on just these two.

  1. What is the Gospel? If you had two minutes to share the gospel, what would you say? If you had 2 weeks or 2 months what would you say?
  2. How would you share different aspects of the Gospel depending on the person(s) and/or the situation? Is this important?
  3. How did you receive the gospel? What aspects were emphasized in your situation? What areas do you need to grow in the gospel?
  4. What did you learn from Jesus, the great evangelist, about how to share the good news of the Gospel with others?
  5. Is it possible to overemphasize one aspect of the Gospel over others and confuse, diminish or emaciate the gospel? Explain.

Next week, we are beginning our 46 week series on Romans. We are using Study Questions from Redeemer’s Small Group Study.

This study is 23 weeks. Therefore each Redeemer lesson will be two weeks of our SS which is good because the Romans is so rich and we want group interaction.

The material is copyright protected, and we purchased enough copies for our Church. Therefore the questions will be available each Sunday for you to take home rather than posted online.


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